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“NameneNeko” is a cat character that took the 1980s by storm. This iconic feline figure, known for its charming appeal, became a sensation. One of its signature merchandise items, a license-style bromide, sold more than 12 million copies during its heyday, leading to an estimated economic impact of over 100 billion yen at that time.

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“NameneNeko” made a remarkable comeback in 2005 and has been gaining renewed attention. It appeared as the character for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s campaign to combat biker gangs.

 Additionally, manga featuring “NameneNeko” as a theme were created. In recent years, it has been featured in commercials for WaiMobile, and even became a set of LINE stickers, attracting not only its longtime fans but also new generations of enthusiasts.

The resurgence of “NameneNeko” can be attributed to the ongoing and unprecedented “cat boom.” In fact, according to estimates from the Pet Food Association, the number of pet cats in Japan surpassed pet dogs for the first time in 2017, demonstrating that the popularity of cats shows no sign of waning.



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